Nepali Vowel letter अ (A) for kindergarten with tracing image and worksheets

Nepali Vowel letter A अ tracing worksheet free download .pdf

There are 13 Vowel Letters in Nepali Language which are independent :

          ऊ          औ  अं  अः

These Nepali vowel words can be read as :

a अ ä आ i इ i ई
u उ u ऊ ri ऋ e ए
ai ऐ o ओ au औ am अं
ah अः

These independent vowels when meets or combines with Nepali Consonant Letters they forms a WORD.

स्वर बर्ण
ब्यन्जन बर्ण
बस् बस
आम् आमा
ि कब् कबि
खाल् खाली
मास् मासु
आर् आरू
...षि ऋषि
खान् खाने
मक् मकै
राय् रायाे
ाै गय् गयाै
अं ...गूर अंगूर
अः ाः अत् अतः

You may have noticed  (्) this sign in Consonant which is called "HALANT" (हलन्त). 
Halant is the symbol that the consonant is not perfect or it is half only. When it combines with vowel then after it becomes a word.


क् +  ( अ )  =     क
ब् + इ  ( ि )  =    बि
 त् + आ ( ा  )  =  ता

= कविता

In Nepali language all consonant should attract and combined with vowel letter to form a word. Whereas vowel may come independent.


अ  =   अ
च्   +  आ ( ा  )  =  चा
र्  +   ( अ )  =   र


In above example अ comes independent whereas चा  and  र  combines with vowels to form a perfect word.

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